Made some gouache paintings for fun! :) 

I want to make them into patterns and prints in the near future…

My free sample business cards came in a couple days ago from! (if you pay for it, it won’t have the black banner on the back)

really nice quality! love the matte textureee

So like the two images aren’t supposed to be related but I drew them on the same page and the guy looks like he’s looking at the two girls and it totally looks like he’s a part of the same scene but it was completely unintentional???

I want to participate in Inktober but I’ve already missed so many days!! D:


My desk in graphic design studio!!! :)

There’s nothing there yet but post it note??? lol

Class time doodles!

inspired by mori fashion :3

inspired by mori fashion :3



i don’t know how to draw bike frames like

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